Push It

by The Chalice

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Claire de Lune, Sophia Eris, and Lizzo of THE CHALICE. Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Prophis.


(Sophia Eris)

I look into your eyes undressin' me
Feenin for a kiss and the recipe
I see in the abyss of your destiny
It's impressin' me
Now you're testin' me
We can slow dance inbetween the lights
Let's make our T-shirts and our jeans collide
I could be the new tattoo in your life
Sophia E-R-I-S
I'll beat a couple drums
Relax on your tongue
Light fires in the sun
Fantasize 'bout the run
Take ya to the school days
Sippin' on some coolaid
Bump a Lil Cool J
And talk about the New Age..
(Ya know?)
You'll see
What else will you need besides you and me?
Meet me in a tree
Let's play..

(Claire de Lune)

Feel your eyes burn through me
From across the room
Speaking words so sweet
But talk is cheap
So I'm asking you

Whatcha gon' do to me? (8x's)



Roll up up in the club club club
Let tell ya somethin'
Me no want no scrub
TLC, Tender Love and Cut
You makin' me feel like I would but I won't
And I do but I don't
Got a car
And my friend 'bout to go
Cuz your friend is a hoe
And he's slackin'
He is a fraction
You are a Mack 10
This is the ship
I am the captain
But your eyes are burnin'
Me from across the room
And I don't even care
Cuz I'm tryin' to play cute
And my boots are brand new
And my hair just got did
Yup sho' did
And I'm constantly feenin' for your attention
Pick up your swag and drop off the S
Look at my mind and not at my chest
I'll be the star if you make the trek
You wanna play the game?
I'm better than your ex or ya next

(Claire de Lune)


(Sophia Eris)

You got me havin' dreams
Of me doin' naughty things
Grabbin blankets by the seams
Takin' moments just to..
Gravitate to this ideal
Babyface with the whip appeal
We can turn fantasy to the real

And I told him in a week
Would be the reason that we speak
And if we have cold feet
Then we wasn't meant to meet
Now we rockin' to the beat
Burnin with the heat
But is it really chemistry?


Girl that's alright
Cuz I seen him last night
Talkin 'bout how you the only one in his life
He tried to get a bite
And I told him back off
Sent his ass packin'
The opposite of SOFT



released January 23, 2012
Produced by Prophis



all rights reserved


The Chalice Minneapolis, Minnesota

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